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The Healing Arts Center welcomes Dr. Tricia Thompson of Maryland Integrative Health

We are proud to announce the Healing Arts Center of the Eastern Shore is now home to Dr. Tricia Thompson of Maryland Integrative Health.

Meet Dr.Thompson

Root Cause Medicine 

Whole Hearted Healing

Tricia brings 20 years of experience to your wellness journey. Practicing acute care in the Emergency Department has brought a depth of knowledge and skill for rapid diagnoses and treatment of illness and trauma.  The dramatic increase in the volume of patients presenting to the Emergency Department for non-acute conditions associated with chronic illness has been staggering.   These patients are hurting, frustrated and not getting better with the traditional treatments prescribed to them.   Most had never considered that their diets, activities, or thoughts were influencing their inability to improve their condition or cure their disease. The principles of Integrative and Functional Medicine can change your life and your health.  

Maryland Integrative Health is focused on root cause medicine and whole hearted wellness. Wellness and illness are a spectrum and the manifestations of your condition is usually reversible and should be viewed as something to overcome not just something to manage.

Dr. Thompson offers free 20 minute consultations. To book a consultation, please visit her website at

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