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Woodstock & the Serenity Shoppe Connection

Field of tie-dyed dreams: How Woodstock changed a generation

Our Very own Diane Armstrong was quoted in this article from The Christian Science Monitor reflecting how the ideals of Woodstock are very much needed in todays current political climate. Diane highlights the importance of being a part of a loving supportive community.

“There was a lot brewing back then, a lot that’s in common with what’s going on today,” says Ms. Armstrong, who feels a kinship with the people putting aside differences in a loving community. “It gives me hope. And it also makes me feel like, all those people, who are now in our political system, don’t they remember? Because they were all my age. What did they forget? Because even if they weren’t here, it was global, it was countrywide.”

To read more of this article, please click the link below:

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