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About Our Space

Community Collaboration

The Healing Arts Center of the Eastern Shore was established in 2019 with a vision to create, collaborate, and educate. Within the Healing Arts Center you will find a multitude of professionals and small businesses which offer different healing modalities, complimentary health options, products, events, and classes.  Our community combined is educated in the areas of traditional, alternative and holistic health and wellness. 

We value each and every person who walks in our Wellness Studio and we look forward to helping you on your health and healing journey.


Meet Our Community


Chrissy Ehrhart

Co Founder

Sole Owner of Zenna Wellness Studio

Zenna Wellness has been the premier Yoga studio in Berlin for over 11 years.
Chrissy's studio offers yoga, meditation, Sound therapy, Reiki and so much more.


Berkleigh Diaz

Co Founder 

500YT, Children's Yoga Instructor, Breathworker 


Berkleigh specializes in Yoga and Breathwork for children, family, and women.​  Group classes and one on one session available.


Alexis Reynols

Alexis Reynolds Massage Therapy 


Alexis Reynolds, Licensed Massage Therapist

My goal as a Licensed Therapist is to provide my clients with an overall healing experience for both the body and mind. Each sesssion is individualized based on the clients needs and  expected outcomes of treatment. I use a variety of massage techniques with my clients such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy,  hot stones, and cupping.

For more information or to book an appointment please call or text 412-401-1231


Lana McTavish

Health & Life Coach

After being an elementary teacher for almost 20 years, Lana left the classroom to fuel her passion for helping others by becoming a certified Health and Life Coach.

What I love about coaching as opposed to traditional mental health therapy is that coaching is very proactive. I work with women to help them make powerful changes in their lives, whether it's emotional, physical, or in their careers, health, or relationships. I provide a combination of cheerleading and tough love for my clients!


If you have ever tried a diet, tried to save money, switched jobs, or made any other life changes, you know that change can be hard even when it’s the change you want! It’s hard because it can be scary, and making changes without support and accountability can be incredibly difficult. I work with clients over an 8-to-12-week period to set goals and identify their next steps while providing the support, encouragement, and accountability needed to make the kind of changes that stick.


Let's chat if you want compassionate, non-judgmental support to focus on your physical, emotional, or cognitive well-being.


For more information or to schedule a complimentary Discover Session:

Call/Text 302-593-4521 or Email


Michaela Eggers

Little Green Witch Apothecary

Welcome to The Little Green Witch Apothecary Shop! Our custom-formulated and hand-blended teas are sourced with the highest quality organic ingredients. There are no fillers, preservatives, sweeteners, or words you cannot pronounce. Our teas are available loose leaf or in convenient single-serve tea filters bags. Combine our tea with hot water, wait 10-15 minutes, and you will have what we like to call ‘a hug in a mug!’


We firmly believe that sitting down with a delightful, tasty cup of tea is an act of kindness and self-care. Try one cup and you’ll swear it’s magic!


We offer hand-crafted herbal lotion bars, salves, and lip balms. We’re a one-stop shop for all your tea accessories, herbal books and resources, and offer a unique ‘Build Your Own Blend’ tea station. Operated by Michaela Eggers, Clinical Herbalist, Little Green Witch Apothecary, LLC is woman- and veteran-owned. 


Rebecca L.webp

Rebecca Ledderman

Rebecca Lederman, LGPC

Calm Minds Healing Center

Calm Minds Healing Center is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective mental healthcare to individuals and groups. We offer a range of evidence-based therapies tailored to your unique needs, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness-based interventions, Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP), and more.


Individual Therapy

Group Therapy





Tara McDaniels

Pelvic Health Specialist & Personal Trainer

Tara’s mission is to help clients get strong and healthy through exercise. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and Fitness Programming, more than 7 years of clinical experience in Cardiac Rehabilitation, and more than 20 years of experience teaching Aerobics and in Personal Fitness Training.

Tara currently has openings for new clients in her training schedule for in-person or Zoom sessions. Contact her today at


Allison Staples

Speech Therapist

Delmarva Speech Therapy

As a speech therapist for almost 10 years, I have experience with clients from birth to over 100 years old and with varying degrees of abilities. I have worked across different settings and states, including schools, pediatric outpatient, and home health.  In my travels, I took notice at the need across the Eastern Shore for speech therapy services for not only children but adults as well with waiting lists that are months long or having to drive a considerable distance just to find a speech therapist.

I am thrilled to be offering speech therapy services for families across the Eastern Shore in a friendly, fun, functional environment to allow your goals and needs to  be met.  

For more information or to schedule an evaluation please call 443-402-6072, email: 



Jayme Mahoney

Jayme Mahoney, LCMFT is a licensed clinical therapist who works with clients of all ages, from
elementary years through advanced age. Jayme studied in California where she received her
Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Holistic Studies where she began her
career working in school-based and community clinic settings. Much of her clinical experience
has involved helping children, teens, parents and families navigate the stressful waters of
modern life. She been both a therapist and clinical supervisor in private and public schools
ranging from elementary through high school. She has also worked extensively with individual
adults and couples. Over the past 20 years, Jayme has helped her clients manage anxiety,
depression, learning differences, ADHD, divorce, blended families, high functioning autism
spectrum, major life transitions, relational challenges, trauma and the ‘worried well” who are
simply looking to manage their lives with more ease. Jayme uses a strength-based approach,
and infuses mindfulness, nature and body-oriented practices into her work. She has training in
somatic experiencing, trauma -informed practices, and internal family systems, as well as
Jungian psychology and child/teen centered techniques. Her strength is in reflecting back to her
clients their unique gifts and excavating the treasures and lessons which can only be found
during our most challenging times.

To  contact Jayme for more information or to schedule an appointment please call her at 410-726-7709 or email


Geneque Garrison

Geneque Garrison Piano Studio

Geneque Garrison is a pianist, artist, and teacher from Salisbury, MD. She is the owner of
Garrison Piano Studio and, with over 9+ years of teaching experience, provides a unique
and immersive piano education to learners of all ages. Lessons are uniquely tailored to
students’ individual goals, needs, accommodations, and musical journey.
As a passionate musician, she has always had a fascination for instruments and the unique
way that music can touch each and every person. After years of committed study and
practice, Garrison became a professional pianist and multi-instrumentalist with a unique
sound, performing for packed audiences in the Maryland Eastern Shore area, Salisbury
University, Carnegie Hall, and beyond. She also performs and serves as an advisory board
member for the Salisbury Symphony Orchestra, is the newly appointed chairperson for the
National Guild of Piano Teachers (a division of the American College of
Musicians)–Salisbury Center, and is a 2020 recipient of the Reimagined President’s
Innovation Award through the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)
Foundation, an award given to promising students for their excellence in the field of music
education, performance and professional audio technology. Having completed her Bachelor
of Arts in Music for Piano Performance and Music Technology at Salisbury University,
Garrison is currently pursuing an additional certification in Music Education K-12 (emphasis
in Choral and Elementary Education) and will graduate in December 2023. Presently,
Garrison is very active in the community teaching music lessons, performing, and working
magic behind the scenes as an audio/visual technician at Salisbury University. She looks
forward to sharing her passion and the healing power of music with the Berlin community at
the Healing Arts Center of the Eastern Shore.

For more information and online booking, please visit my website below.



Susan Boone Upton

Founder of Boones Tunes of Delmarva

Susan is a proud Eastern Shore native who spent her childhood on Chincoteague and graduated from Wi Hi in Salisbury. She has almost 25 years of experience in private lesson instruction and classroom music education.  Prior to founding Boone's Tunes of Delmarva in 2010, she was already well-respected in the Salisbury area for her work at Camp Odyssey, The Salisbury School, and Wicomico Day School, as well as for her private lesson program.  Susan holds a BA in Music from Goucher College in Towson, MD, where many of her music instructors were affiliated with The Peabody Conservatory.  She did Masters work at The Boston Conservatory, and further continued her vocal studies with William Beall at the Maryland Institute of Voice.

The Musikgarten classes offered at Boone's Tunes are designed to nurture the child’s musical aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Additionally, instrumental activities are part of the program, beginning with simple rhythm instruments such as shakers and drums for babies and toddlers, and culminating with piano studies for older children.

Musikgarten is the only program that offers curricula starting with newborns and continuing through piano instruction from age 5. It is based on a keen understanding of how children learn, in both a general sense and, specifically, how they learn music. The curriculum is based on years of expert research in child development and learning styles.  No age group is left out, for Musikgarten also includes recreational adult piano classes!

Boone's Tunes is committed to providing a fun, nurturing educational environment through excellent curriculum and small class sizes of 10 students or less.

To learn more or book a class visit



Luba Piano Studio

Luba is a respected and dedicated piano coach of all levels and ages, from beginning children and adults, to very advanced young pianists. Her students demonstrate solid technical and musical skills. Being an active performer herself, she motivates her students to participate at SU Music Department recitals, National Piano Guild Auditions, Royal Conservatory Certificate program and other different musical venues.

Mission Statement:

My goal as a music teacher is to preserve the art of classical piano principles, encourage emotional expression, and pass on my passion for music. I believe every child comes into our world with musical ability. My duty is to realize and foster this natural talent to its full potential, while developing discipline and creativity. I strive to train dedicated and hard-working students for piano performance through the Royal Conservatory Certificate Program. As the RCCP resembles one I trained under in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, I have become a local representative of the program, and actively incorporate its model into my teaching methods, which focuses on growing a well-rounded pianist.

For more information or to contact Luba please visit


Halie Torris


Halie Torris is a contemporary artist working in oils. 

She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Seton Hill University where she majored in graphic design. Six months upon graduating from college and receiving her first design job, Halie picked up and moved to the eastern shore of Maryland. After spending all of her life living in the same place, she felt a draw towards the ocean and a change of scenery to further develop her work. Solitude and isolation by the coast plays a huge role for allowing in the flow of new ideas.

Through her knowledge in the digital realm of design as well as in the fine arts, she aims to merge the two mediums in her paintings. She loves creating narratives with the figures in her work using symbols to express feelings that go below surface-level. Moving environments has helped her to distinguish her true values by peeling away layers of distraction and shifting her ideas and concepts towards the subconscious and inner stillness. The core of her work is about creating a voice and representation in the fine arts for women to love whomever they wish to and accept their own authentic stories. Currently, she is creating a body of work that expresses themes of duality, feminine energy and identity.



Susan Adkins

Susan Adkins, PA-C

Restorative Health and Wellness

Restorative Health and Wellness provides complementary solutions for health problems such
as weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, IBS,

urinary incontinence,

and smoking cessation.

Rather than reliance on prescription medication, the program provides tools and
accountability to achieve individualized patient goals in a safe, nurturing and nonjudgmental setting with the goal of restoring vitality and promoting longevity. 

Susan Adkins, PA-C graduated in 2009 with a M.S. degree in Physician Assistant Studies.
Her medical career includes primary care, rehabilitation, occupational and obesity medicine.

Sue’s background in medicine, wellness, and counseling includes corporate wellness
programming, personal training, and exercise classes. Her client list includes Honeywell,
Johnson and Johnson and McNeil Pharmaceuticals.

In her leisure time,

she enjoys walking,
sailing and paddle boarding with her dogs, and spending time with family and friends.


To schedule an appointment or free consultation on-line, please go to: 


Or call 215-313-2434 or e-mail to


Jaime Toner

Speech Language Pathologist

Smiley Pediatric Speech Therapy 

"Providing Speech (articulation), language, and feeding therapy to the pediatric population. We can also trial and complete evaluations for AAC/communication devices."

Book your appointment:



Here’s What They’re Saying

"The Healing Arts Center helped make my dream of opening a storefront a reality! It is incredibly fulfilling to walk each day into a space dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. Every tenant in the facility has a heart of service and  you feel a sense of warmth and welcome coming through the doors. Chrissy and Berkleigh (the landlords) are engaged, easy to communicate with, and absolutely dedicated to seeing my business thrive and succeed. As a member of the Healing Arts Center Family you're included in their monthly newsletter, have access to their large social media platform, electric and water are included, free WiFi, and ample parking for yourself and your clients.  If you're looking for a place to launch your dream I highly encourage you to check out The Healing Arts Center - we'd love to have you"

Michaela Eggers, owner of Little Green Witch Tea & Apothecary

Future Testimonial


Future Testimonial



All are Welcome

Come as you are.

It's been said "a feeling of peace is felt as soon as you walk in the doors". And we hope that you feel it too!

We welcome you to the Healing Arts Center community.  Come as you are. All are welcome here.

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