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Located within the heart of Berlin, Md, The Healing Arts Center was founded in June of 2019. We not only offer office spaces, but also additional benefits you won't find anywhere else. These reasonably priced spaces are located in a bright, beautiful modern industrial setting.

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Mini Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions



Mini Yoga & Mindfulness Sessions with Berkleigh Diaz

Everyone can benefit from a regular mindfulness practice.  One on one sessions are designed and catered to your child/family needs.  All sessions are approximately 30-45 min. depending on child's age. One one One sessions can also include multiple siblings. 

Each session will always include movement/Yoga, breathing exercises, and guided relaxation but may also include many Mindfulness activities and stories based on your families focus!

Target areas may include but not limited to: physical (balance, flexibility, etc.) or social/emotional & mental wellbeing (emotional recognition, kindness, empathy, self reflection & confidence, stress management, getting rid of worries, etc.)

To book your private session or for more information please contact Berkleigh Diaz, Happiness & Health Motivator via email @

Mini Yoga and Mindfulness Sessions

February 2021

Joy Boost, An 8 Week Online Happiness Program

Do you wish to have more feelings of happiness & joy on a daily basis?

Do you have desires & dreams, but aren't sure how to bring them to life?

Are you tired of doing things because you feel it is what you are supposed to do, but not what you truly want to do?

Do you want to be authentically you?

You are capable of experiencing joy on a daily basis. No, this does not mean that you will never experience sadness, doubt, or worry ever again in your life, but this does mean that you are ready to regain power and refuse to let negative thoughts, patterns, or experiences hold you hostage.  

This 8 week online Joy Boost program is designed to help you live a more joyful life.  I am here as a coach, guide, supporter, and motivator, but know that YOU hold the key to your happiness! In this online program you will travel inward and be asked to think about and reflect on many many things.  At the end of the 8 week program you will have been given materials, tools, lessons, mindfulness, Yoga, and breathing practices that will assist and support you in living a happy, healthy lifestyle. Upon purchase you will be invited to a private FB group where all materials & instruction will be posted on a weekly basis!

Sign up online at

Contact Berkleigh Diaz via email with questions.

Release & Rejuvenate


Release & Rejuvenate with Maryland Integrative Health, LLC


Are you ready to jumpstart your metabolism, rebalance your hormones, release a substantial amount of weight, and improve your nutrition? If you had the tools you needed to be successful, would you be 100% committed to a predesigned program?


Then Release & Rejuvenate might be exactly what you’ve been looking for! If you have stubborn weight that just won’t release… if you’ve hit a plateau in your health and nutrition goals… if you want a holistic approach that won’t just cause fast weight loss only to bounce right back to where you started… then you’ve come to the right place.


Our program is designed to:

• Detoxify your system

• Reduce inflammation

• Improve gut health

• Increase energy

• Reset hormone imbalances

• Balance blood sugar

• Improve sleep


What is it?


Release & Rejuvenate is a 10-week program consisting of a 6-week period of releasing (weight, emotional turmoil, mental clutter) followed by a 4-week period of maintenance. You will work one-on-one with a Certified Health Coach and also share in a group setting with other participants of the program. Science suggests that people are more successful with weight loss goals when they tackle them in groups! We also include a 20 minute introductory consultation with Dr. Tricia Thompson to make sure any underlying health problems are addressed simultaneously.


What is the cost? The regular cost of the 10-week program is $1499— but if you mention this flyer, we’ll give you a $500 discount!

We also provide “next step” programs after the initial 10 weeks if you desire additional coaching or another round of the full program.


What is included?

• 60 minute Comprehensive Functional Intake with Certified Health Coach, Elizabeth Dawson

• Live Weekly Q&A sessions

• Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions during the initial 6 weeks

• Daily health tips and accountability in a private Facebook group

• Direct Healthie Chat (HIPAA-compliant) access to Elizabeth and Dr. Thompson

• 50 sachets of Organic Ganoderma-infused coffee or green or red tea • Megaspore gut rebalancing probiotics • Release & Rejuvenate Program Guide

• Release & Rejuvenate Recipe Book

• Personal food scale


Do you offer discounts? Yes, we do! If you sign up with a buddy, you each get $150 off the already reduced program price! We also offer a $100 discount for any of our current patients, pilates students, and coaching clients.


How do I sign up? If you’re ready to make some life altering changes and you’re ready to commit to 10 weeks of work, we invite you to schedule a 15 minute qualifying consultation with Certified Health Coach Elizabeth Dawson.

You can email to make your appointment.

Introduction to Yoga




Join Berkleigh for this 4 week Yoga for Beginners Series. 


This series is great for anyone who is looking to start a Yoga practice or who has taken Yoga before but would like to learn more about each pose and how to make all poses work for your body using modifications and props.  Each class will include breathwork, Yoga poses, and Savasana (guided relaxation).  

Investment= $100/Yogi for 4 weeks & manual for at home practice

Thursdays, 5:30-6:30 PM January 7, 14, 21 & 28th

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